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Imported from New Zealand for USA buyers

We import high quality skin care from New Zealand to distribute in the United States. We import these products in bulk so you can get them FAST and start using them QUICKLY.

All our skin care products are made in New Zealand with ingredients from natural sources, such as plants, flowers, fruit, sheep placenta, lanolin, and of course amazing New Zealand Manuka Honey and Bee Venom.

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Brooklyn, NY.


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Pure Natural New Zealand  

New Zealand is being recognized as the human's last unpolluted paradise on Earth. It has small population, has no industrial pollution and emission, and is known for its very restricted ecology and nature protection law, thus making it the 100% purest and unpolluted country in the world.

The country has 29% and above ancient forest coverage, the unique geological location provides unique animal and plants natural resources, making it world's most recognized and most precious natural base. In total, around 30 percent of New Zealand's land area is protected conservation land! 

When you buy New Zealand made skin care - you get a small piece of pure, natural New Zealand!

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New Zealand 4 You
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United States

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