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JYP New Zealand

JYP New Zealand Placenta & Collagen Essence, Sheep Placenta Face Serum with Marine Collagen and Seaweed Extract, 60ml


This Luxurious Golden Placenta & Collagen Essence contains Biologically active collagen proteins. Ovine Placenta enzymes, Anti-oxidants and a variety of vitamins, which nourishes and improves your skin natural radiance.

Enriched with purified New Zealand Sheep Placenta, Marine Collagen and Seaweed Extract.

  • Helps minimize lines and wrinkles
  • Helps increase the skin's natural suppleness and elasticity
  • New Zealand Sheep Placenta rejuvenates and nourishes aged and tired skin
  • Enriched with Marine Collagen and Seaweed Extract

Directions: Apply a suitable amount with  fingertips, gently massage into the skin, circle from inside to upward.

Skin Type: All skin types

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